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It's that time of the year again! Timitu has initiated sign ups!! You can find Timitu in three places to sign up.

Of right here at DA:

This is the information Timitu will want to know if you want to sign up, as written by herself.

Now that you understand the project and are ready to sign up. Below is all the information we need from you. The ones listed below with * beside them are needed. You will not be part of the project till this information is all filled out. If you fail to fill it out by the time sign ups are closed you will not be taking part in the project. A template of what we need is below so you can easily copy and paste. (People who are not members of lilymud, e-mail me with your information at )

*Name: (Just your name here at lilymud or on the art website will do. REMEMBER, don't change your name on the archive till after Dec. 25th or your links may be broken. Broken links on the day sign ups close may result in your name being removed from the project list after you thought it was there. So to remain safe change your name now if you must and upload with that name. Otherwise wait till after this project is over.)

*E-mail: (Make sure it is a working one. LOOK IT OVER. I know it sounds silly but failing to give a working one could have you kicked out of the project without notice. I don't test every one to make sure it works. That is your job to make sure you put it in. Make it one you check often. I wont send you anything other then secret santa related stuff while your in the project, like name of who you have, reminder e-mails, and your picture. After that I don't use your e-mail for anything. So if you have a privet e-mail that is better to use PM me or e-mail me and let me know you don't want it on the secret santa thing. And in this spot on the list put "PMed" or "E-mailed" and I will know that your sending yours in and watch for it.)

Links to Art: (Keep it G - PG only. The archive is a good place. Perhaps DA. You be the judge. Remember there are kids in this project.)

Year in Secret Santa: (Have you done it before? Or is this your first time. Kind of nice to know. I will watch and help out first timers more... and those who have done it 4 or 5 times I am more relaxed with. So try to let me know if you know how many years you have taken part. Mini secret santas don't count.)

Secret Santa Helper: (Are you willing to do an extra picture. Sometimes, someone has to drop out, or something happens. For whatever reason, there is still someone without a picture. That cant happen. If you hand in a picture you are guaranteed to get one in return from a secret someone. If you got lots of time around christmas and want to help out by making another picture let me know. Don't feel bad if you cant. A simple yes or no is ok for this on this year.)

*Characters and References: (Give the name of the character and a link to one or two pictures of them as reference. 1 - 5 characters. No more then 5... No less then 1. Cannon characters are welcome. But must be given a full body reference even if it is just a screen-shot from the movie. PLEASE make your reference a full body reference. Head shots wont count. If you do not have a digital reference try to make one in paint even just by making coloured circles and what they are colours for... To go with your non digital reference picture of the character. Just will make sure you get the character you want and not have the colours to light or too dark or just not looking right cause someone sees it differently then you. ONE CHARACTER MUST BE A BIG CAT. Lion, tiger, cheetah... etc. Other then that one character the rest can be anything you want. Humans, Wolves, Horses. Whatever you like.)

Characters Personality: (Tell us a few words that describe each character you post. Like "Funny, Friendly, Outgoing, but Evil." or something like that. Just a short thing that gives the person drawing a little idea of the character they have to draw.)

Religious or Not: (If your ok with getting a religious themed picture you can say so here. If your a certain religion you can say so as well. This does not make it so you WILL get a religious picture. Just lets your secret santa know if they wanted to they can. So if you get someone who says yes to this but your not religious and don't want to do one, you don't have to. If you are and the person either did not answer this or said no. Then keep it away from religion. It is just a simple thing to help out if your person is wondering if they can or should or not.)

Something to Say: (This is new this year. If you want to say something to your secret santa before they start drawing your picture put it here. Things like "*Name of Character* and *Name of Character* are brother and sister." Or "I would love it if you drew my new fursona at least, I don't care what other characters you do." Or "If you can draw my wolf character instead of my lion character please do." Or "I would love if you could make my character a mate and draw them together." Just simple little things like that. Keep in mind no one is obligated to follow what you say. So don't be mad if they don't. Keep your comments here in "ASKING" (or thanking or something) don't tell people what to draw, it often doesn't turn out as nice as you wanted it if you do.)

Ok so your all ready to sign up. Copy an paste the template below. Make sure you fill in at least the parts that have a star beside them in the above information. REMEMBER once you post it is your job to make sure all your links work.

Links to Art:
Year in Secret Santa:
Secret Santa Helper:

Characters and References:
Characters Personality:

Religious or Not:

Something to Say:

The rules and any FAQ can now be found on the main group page. :3
Have fun guys! I look forward to all the great pictures I am sure will come from this.

P.S. Just a quick note, please try to submit to proper groups ^^' I am so glad so many people have joined and are submitting their past SS's but do try to put it in the proper group. :3 The featured is for the current SS going on :D
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October 27, 2010